VISA Credit Card

With a Morton Lane Federal Credit Union VISA Credit Card, you'll get a Fixed 8.25% APR, pay no annual fees, and have online account management.

Shopping with VISA is safe. Use your VISA card to shop online, in a store, or anywhere, and you're protected from unauthorized use of your card or account information. Your liability for unauthorized transactions is $0 under VISA's Zero Liability policy when reported in a timely manner.

For even greater security while shopping online, you should enroll in Verified by VISA, a password based security program that prevents anyone but you from using your card online.

  • CLICK HERE to apply for a VISA Credit Card via our secure form.

Report Lost/Stolen Card

VISA Credit Card: 1-800-872-1712
VISA Debit/ATM Card: 1-800-754-4128